Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome Atticus Finch Cort Simmons!

Hi, All,

We're setting this blog up for friends who want to follow our new puppy's adventures. Believe me...I never thought I would put up cute photos of a dog and get all gushy about a dog...but this little guy has won me over and life has become a cheesy Hallmark card because of Atticus. I know, I know...what "new" can be said about dogs?! And the joy they bring?

Well, give me a chance to try and articulate these feelings.


Sharon said...

Hi, Atticus!

Welcome to the family!

We think that you are so cute that we want you to come live with us in Iowa City! We have a nice big yard for you to play in, and you could even chase our cats!

Don't give all your love to those girls in Philadelphia. I have a long history of loving dogs and can make you very happy!


Libby said...

Welcome, little Atticus! May your life be full of love and bones.

Your little 'brother' Monty wants to meet you soon! He's quite jealous that your humans know how to create a blog all for you.

We greatly look forward to spoiling you rotten :)

Libby, Tim, and co.

abhi said...

hey atticus,

What are your thoughts on becoming part of a phenomenal time machine tht i m abt to design...ull get a free T shirt for signing up..


Christine Dimmig said...

Atticus Loves me more than Leslie!!!!!!!!

doukula said...

It's not a competition, Christine!! Now Leslie's feelings will be hurt! As long as we're playing...does Zeke like me more than Laura?

Christine Dimmig The Queen said...

No, Zeke loves you both equally...that's the way he's been raised.

Christine Dimmig The Queen said...

PS Atticus told me that he wants the Colts to win the Superbowl...sorry Momma MB

nick said...

Atticus loves me most because i'm somewhat furry like him! He's welcome to come play in Wissahickon Park when it snows! He can jump in the creek and frolic about (share spaghetti?) with all the other urban-savvy philly dogs.