Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OK, Mommy L is not so bad after all

I think I hurt Mommy L's feelings when I said its all work and no play in this house. Sorry Mommy L, you are fun too (just not as much as Mommy B).

When are you coming home Mommy B? Did you get me a present? Do you remember what I look like?

Mommy B has left me!

Mommy B has been gone forever! She went to some boring writing center directors camp in Oregon, I don't know where that is but Mommy L said its a long way from home. I wish she would come back, Mommy L is no fun as she makes me work on the floors all of the time. Come home Mommy B!!! I miss you so much

I don't like lobster

For Mommy B's birthday, everyone at the beach ate surf and turf. Don't know what that means but I like turf!. Mommy L showed me what a lobster looks like, I was scared of the big claws. I was so happy when she put it in that big steaming pot. Don't show me any more lobsters Mommy L!