Monday, October 22, 2007

October at the beach

Mommy B had a whole week off for fall break so Mommy L took a couple of days off work and took me to the beach. Aunties Leslie and Christine are so nice to let us stay at their house, I promised I would be a good boy so that they wouldn't worry. My Mommies and I walked along the beach for miles, it was so much fun!

We watched people fishing and I played with the children building sand castles.

After my long walk on the beach I was exhausted! There is nothing better than a snuggle from my Mommy B.

We even had English fish and chips on the boardwalk! I like fish and chips a lot! I had so much fun in Rehoboth, maybe Zeke can come with me next time.

Mummy Puppy haircuts!

Mommy and I got new haircuts. Mommy had 11 inches cut off her hair and donated it to locks of love. If I did that I would be bald! Don't we look cute.

Monday, October 8, 2007

First Friday in Doylestown

Hi all, I have been so busy I have not been keeping up with my blog. I am very naughty!

My Mommy L and Julia took me to Doylestown last Friday. I think it is somewhere near Louisville (hehe). Mommy L used to work with Lucy until she got a job in Doylestown. I hadn't met Lucy before so I was really excited. We had dinner at a lovely sidewalk cafe where I could meet and greet everyone. I was very popular. Later, we went to a cool place to decorate pottery but they were closing when we got there, never mind, I am sure Mommy L will take me again. I got to see Lucy's apartment and meet her man Isaac. Later, another friend Rachel joined us, she came with her new love interest!. I was really tired from all the fun and a little scared of the loud people on the street so Mommy L had to carry me. After all that fun, we drove home to Mommy B and I had a puppy hangover the next day. Can't wait until the next time