Monday, October 22, 2007

October at the beach

Mommy B had a whole week off for fall break so Mommy L took a couple of days off work and took me to the beach. Aunties Leslie and Christine are so nice to let us stay at their house, I promised I would be a good boy so that they wouldn't worry. My Mommies and I walked along the beach for miles, it was so much fun!

We watched people fishing and I played with the children building sand castles.

After my long walk on the beach I was exhausted! There is nothing better than a snuggle from my Mommy B.

We even had English fish and chips on the boardwalk! I like fish and chips a lot! I had so much fun in Rehoboth, maybe Zeke can come with me next time.

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HALLEY'S MOM said...

Atticus, Halley sends her love. She was so hoping to visit you in Philly this Thanksgiving but her Mommy had to go and get a job and ruin everything. Hugs and love to Mommy B and Mommy L.