Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OK, Mommy L is not so bad after all

I think I hurt Mommy L's feelings when I said its all work and no play in this house. Sorry Mommy L, you are fun too (just not as much as Mommy B).

When are you coming home Mommy B? Did you get me a present? Do you remember what I look like?


MB said...

Oh, Atticus!!! You are too cute!! I'm coming home so soon! Can't wait to play with my buddy! The boys in Iowa say "Hello!" and send you a big hug and kiss!

Atticus Boo said...

Finally, someone commented on my blog! I was starting to worry that no one was reading my posts!

Give the boys a big lick for me, I miss them so much! They are so fun to play with and they run fast!

If I could count, I would be counting the hours till you come home, Mommy B. I know it is soon but not soon enough for me. Looking forward to lots of snuggles. love Atticus xxx