Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mommy B has gone to Kentucky

My Mommy B has gone away for a week and I am so sad. She kept asking me if I wanted to go to Louisville before she left but she didn't take me. Mommy L and I took her to the airport and I waved goodbye and cried. This is the first time I just have one human taking care of me. Mommy L has been so busy this weekend that I have not had enough attention. She went out last night and I discovered a new trick - I can climb the baby gate that keeps me in the kitchen. You should have seen Mommy L's face when she came home and I greeted her at the front door. Mommy L was so impressed with my climbing abilities that she bought a new baby gate that I can't climb, oh well.

Mommy B - if you are reading this, I want to tell you that I miss you. Here is a photo in case you have forgotton what I look like. Love Atticus xoxoxoxox


MB said...

Hi Atticus!

How's Mr. Vet?! Looks like you need a trim around the eyes!

I miss you! xoxoxo

Atticus Boo said...

Mr Vet still has his legs - just! Hurry up and come home, someone needs to trim my eyes so that I don't walk into things. Love you Mommy B xox