Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 75th Birthday, Grampy

Hello everyone, my Grampy celebrated his 75th birthday on July 3rd and I was invited to attend his birthday party in Iowa. My Mommies and I packed up our SUV for the long trip to the midwest. Good job my backseat was tricked out for the ride.

We all took turns driving, even me!!!

We first got to go to Illinois to see Grandpa Norm and Grandma Kelley. I was so happy to see Halley and they got a new dog called Maggie. She wasn't real happy to see me, but once we played, she liked me. We only stayed for a few hours then we had to go to Iowa for the big party. In Iowa, I got to meet my cousins, Hunter, Connor and Kyler. They were so much fun!

The party was huge, there were 250 people in attendance, oops, 251 including me!!! My Mommies were really busy helping out so I had to be by myself in the room. Plus, there were some really loud fireworks. The lights were really pretty but those loud bangs really scared me. I was so happy to see my Mommy L when she came to get me that I crawled on her lap and I wouldn't get off!!!.

I spent the day after the party cleaning up. It was really hard work eating the popcorn off the deck but Nonnie was really pleased that I helped out. I got to play with the boys too!. I love running in the backyard with little boys, they run much faster than my Mommies and they chase me!

Nonnie and Grampy were so thoughtful to install a fountain for me to drink from, its hard work chasing those boys!

After such a short trip, it was time to go home to Pennsylvania. We drove for 2 days and stayed in a hotel in Ohio. My Mommies were so happy that I was a good boy I got to play on the bed. I was so tired my Mommies put toys on me, silly Mommies

I had such a good time in the Midwest, I can't wait to go back.

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