Thursday, February 15, 2007

Separated at birth?

We played with Atticus' hair and made him look like the Heat miser from Year without a Santa Claus. See what you can do on a snow day?! Next year, Westminster Dog Show!


carol.anthony said...

I tune in most every morning to see if there are any new pictures of the cutest boy on the planet. I love looking at his face and seeing what he has been doing. I evening have people up and down the east coast logging on to see Atticus' antics!! So, thanks for sharing his life with us. Slobberies, Auntie Carol

carol.anthony said...

Atticus, sorry about the typo on the previous email. Mommy B has her red lazer pen out for sure!!!

doukula said...

Fabulous, Auntie Carol figured out how to log in!