Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's my first birthday!

Hello everyone, today is my birthday and I am one year old!. My mommies gave me an extra special morning snuggle and after they left for work, I had a lovely nap and waited for them to come home.

When my moms came home, they gave me cool birthday presents. I got lots of new chewy toys, I got a funny green ball with feet (I love chewing feet)

I also got a huge rubber donut

and an orange dumbell.

I also got a special dinner of hamburger and kibble

and for dessert, I had some biscuit that Bridget gave me - it was delicious.

Aunts Christine and Leslie called me after dinner and they sang Happy Birthday to me, it was so much fun. Nonnie and Grampy sent me a cute card over this email thingy, Mommy B had to show it to me as I don't know how to do this computer thing. Maybe when I am 2 I will be able to type!.

Anyway, I have had a lovely first birthday, it was very special. I can't wait for my next birthday!

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